We have already come to the middle part of 2017 and nearing the end. This year, thousands of electronic gadgets have been released. A lot of them are great and have continued to serve us great purposes. Amongst many, here are the top 7 electronic gadgets of 2017:

  • Amazon Echo Dot:

The Amazon Echo Dot is a voice controlled device. It has crossed other voice controlled devices in its functions and features. Majority of users giving positive reviews already speaks for itself. It can play music, set the alarm and read the news for you. It also offers you other features such as controlling home devices. It also has good far field voice recognition. This means that even if you are in another room, the device can detect your voice.

  • Razer’s Project Valerie:

World’s one of the first laptop having three screens have been developed by Razer called Project Valerie. This is great news for gamers because all the screens are 4K and will give you an experience like never before. The graphic card used is Nvidia’s GTX 1080 which is another reason why it is perfect for gamers.

  • HP Sprout G2 Pro:

The HP Sprout G2 Pro captures 2D and 3D beautifully. If you are someone whose work involves 2D and 3D work, this is a great device for you. This PC has a great HD display and also comes with a scanner as well as a touch mat.

  • Griffin Home Collection:

Smart devices are everywhere, and it hasn’t left our foods either. The products from Griffin- Griffin toaster, Griffin Mirror, and Griffin Coffee maker can be connected to your mobile phones. For example, using Bluetooth, you can select and decide how much you want your bread to be toasted. You also get an estimated time for waiting. Isn’t that easy?

  • Dell Latitude 7285:

Dell has stepped up its game with the laptops they have released over the past few years. Another great new one is the two in one Dell Latitude 7285. A great improvement is that it has a wireless charging feature. You can use it as a tablet, laptop, tent or slate. It is also very light and functions well.

  • Nvidia Shield TV:

The high-quality 4K videos and games are why people are after this product. It also has Google Assistant. Not only can you stream videos, but you can also stream games. Do note that it requires internet connection if you want to stream either videos or games

  • HiMirrorPlus Smart Beauty Mirror

Mirrors too are not your typical mirrors anymore where you see yourself, and that’s it. The HiMirrorPlus Smart Beauty Mirror takes a clear quality and high definition picture of your face. You can use it as a mirror, but it also does another great job. It scans your skin and at the end gives you a report about the condition of your skin. It also gives you tips that you can use based on your report.


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