A few years ago, robots seemed to be things that one would only see on TV. It was unimaginable for many for it to come into existence. But it is 2017, and we have already seen many inventions in the news, the internet or somewhere else.These robots have been made for various services, and in this article, we are going to talk about the top Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots:

  • ASIMO:

ASIMO is a product by Honda and is one of the best robots ever to exist. It does almost everything. It can recognize your voice, understand your commands and what you say, walk, follow you, carry goods, serve food and much more. It can even turn your lights on and off for you. One of the aim of Honda in creating ASIMO was to help people who owned it. A lot of robots in the market are for fun and entertainment purposes. But Honda wanted their robot to be different. ASIMO costs over $2 million.

  • ICUB:

iCub is one of the few robots which resembles a human being closely. It is still an ongoing project taken up by researchers in different parts of Europe. Developers have allowed iCub to have the skills to display six emotions. It can also respond to speech and touch as a human would. Research and development continues for making iCub resemble human beings more. They hope to program iCub to have cognition which would mean it would do a lot of things on its own.


Jibo the robot has not been termed as a social robot for no reason. Jibo can recognize the faces of you, your family members, relatives and friends and remember them. It uses world class camera for this purpose. You can talk to Jibo, and it will hear you no matter which room you are in. It can also remind you about events, send messages you want members in the house you want to tell, tell you jokes, share fun and interesting facts with you.

  • ROMEO:

Romeo was a robot whose existence was intended to aid people with disability and the elders. It would do so by helping them in small activities such as taking objects, climbing stairs, opening and closing doors or anything that requires assistance which they found difficulty doing because of their limited movements. Romeo can stand, walk, touch and carry objects. It would also keep them company by conversing with them and doing other activities.The developers started it as a project in 2009.


Boston Dynamics have created a world class robot called the Atlas Unplugged. Boston dynamics have created other versions of Atlas in the past, but Atlas Unplugged is a more recent one with much better features. It has been developed to be useful during disasters. With the battery it powers from, the robot has a battery life of 1 hour to do any task. The Atlas Unplugged is still being used by researchers to improve and work upon.

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