Technology has advanced greatly, and we never know what better inventions await us. Even in the medical field, technological advancements have helped to save the lives of many and also in preventing a lot of diseases. Instruments and equipment inside health care centres and medicines have advanced thanks to new technological advancements greatly. Here are some of the top advancements we have seen in technology:

  • Artificial Pancreas:

This incredible and the world’s one of a kind first artificial pancreas was introduced in 2016. In the same year itself, it was also approved by the US food and drug administration. The device was developed by Medtronic and will be released in the later part of this year. This technology is for people, particularly who have Type 1 diabetes. The way it works is that the artificial pancreas will check blood sugar levels in a person’s body and administer insulin whenever required. It will give insulin to the body according to the person’s needs. For this purpose, the device has a glucose monitor to check blood sugar levels and an insulin pump to do the job for administering insulin.

  • Edwards SAPIEN valve:

The Edwards SAPIEN valve is a world class great technological invention. It is a lifesaving technology especially for people who need an open heart surgery, but their body is not fit for it. It is a great alternative for people whose body is not healthy enough for aortic valve replacement. The way this works is that without an open heart surgery, a patient’s aortic valve is replaced with the Edwards SAPIEN valve using either the transfemoral technique or the transapical technique. It has also been mentioned that this procedure using the Edwards SAPIEN valve takes lesser time for hospital stay compared to an open heart surgery.

  • Cancer nano therapy:

A lot of researchers have taken up monotherapy as a tool to fight cancer. There have been successful results from some parts of the world, and in some parts, it is still under the process of research. One such research comes from Israel. They have made devices that protect a drug till it reaches the cancer cells. Once it reaches, the drugs start working on the cancer cells. These drugs do not affect the healthy or non-affected cells.

Another example of a cancer monotherapy research has been done in Washington. Similarly, researchers have researched and developed ways so that drugs can attack tumours via blood cells.

  • Da Vinci surgery:

The da Vinci surgery is a form of surgery where a surgeon’s involvement is minimal as possible. This does not mean that the surgeon is not involved. Surgeons use advanced robotic devices to conduct surgery. They control the devices and perform surgery. This has been another great contribution to the medical field because these instruments provide great precision and almost no room for any mistakes. The devices also give a high definition 3D view, and they are better than human hands because they can reach and bend areas human hands find difficult.

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